Contractors, Architects,
Engineers, Attorneys,
Brokers, Developers, and
Vendors working together

A nonprofit collective of advocates for positive development growth in Oakland, CA


  • Regular meetings with the City’s Building and Planning Department “working group” to advocate for policies and code interpretations that benefit developers and builders and help make government more efficient.
  • Frequent meetings with City management one-on-one regarding specific issues and concerns raised by members.
  • Newsletter reporting advocacy activity.

a person holding a voting ballot paper

Political Action

  • Each election season the OBA interviews and endorses candidates.
  • The board is considering a similar endorsement process for legislative items, and ballot measures related to building and development.
  • Members present information and comment at City Council and Planning Commission meetings on items related to building and development.
  • Report on political action taken by OBA in our newsletter.

three people sitting beside table

Project Support

  • Applicants for City entitlements present projects to our Board seeking a letter of support and a posting of their project’s details on the OBA website with an OBA endorsement.
  • Report on projects reviewed in our newsletter.


  • Regular mixers at Oakland bars, restaurants, & other establishments with sponsorship opportunities
  • Holiday party
  • Gala Fundraiser
  • Leaders and public figures relevant to local building, development and politics invited.
  • Events calendar in our newsletter


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