a person holding a voting ballot paper
  • Each election season the OBA interviews and endorses candidates.
  • The board is considering a similar endorsement process for legislative items, and ballot measures related to building and development.
  • Members present information and comment at City Council and Planning Commission meetings on items related to building and development.
  • Report on political action taken by OBA in our newsletter.

Past Speakers

The following are past speakers that have spoken to the OBA board membership since October 2021.

  • Mayor Libby Schaaf, City of Oakland
  • William Gilchrist, Community Development Director
  • Courtney Ruby, Oakland City Auditor
  • Ryan Russo, Oakland Department of Transportation
  • Peter Gamez, President & CEO, VisitOakland.com
  • Dhruv Patel, Chair of BODs, VisitOakland.com
  • Brook Turner, Executive Director, Jobs & Housing Coalition
  • John Protopappas, President, Jobs & Housing Coalition
  • Ed Reiskin, Oakland City Manager
  • Felicia Bryant, Oakland Acting Fire Marshal
  • Michael Hunt, Chief of Staff to Oakland Fire Chief
  • Sarah Kalinsky, Senior Advisor, SPUR “San Francisco Bay Area Planning and Urban Research Association”
  • 2022 Mayoral Candidates
    • Ignacio De La Fuente
    • Sheng Thao
    • Seneca Scott
    • Treva Reid
    • Loren Taylor
  • 2022 City Council Candidates
    • D2 Harold Lowe
    • D2 Nikki Fortunato Bas
    • D4 Nenna Joiner
    • D4 Janani Ramachandran
    • D6 Yakpasua Zazaboi
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